Great conversation today chatting with Fleur Brown, Launch Group CEO and TechSydney Director as we discuss the important role that content and advocacy play in supporting Australian innovation leaders and entrepreneurs through COVID-19 impacts.

Our conversation focuses around the growth of the Australian Innovation Community Slack group which has over the past three weeks grown to over 600 members, 1,900 interactions, 130 daily individual contributions, and up to 40% engagement with daily polls.

Fleur has played a key role in supporting curated content and collective advocacy. In our 30-minute chat we discuss topics including:

  • a need for aligned effort and collective voice for Australian innovation;
  • how COVID-19 can help bring the community together;
  • the maturing of the Australian innovation ecosystem and sector and community group areas of focus;
  • the value of central systems such as the Slack community to bring people together around content;
  • alignment with other platforms such as TechSydney;
  • the value of anonymous daily polls to help leaders normalise feelings; and
  • the need for content beyond just startup pitches and investment events.