Uncertainty is familiar territory in entrepreneur ecosystems, but a global pandemic is a whole other level. As supporters of entrepreneurs and local communities, how can we best respond, remain viable and grow value?

As we head into uncertain times, five presenters share different perspectives on how innovation support providers and hubs can adapt and change.

We set the stage with some questions:

  • What are the challenges of our members, communities and what value can we offer?
  • What does this mean philosophically, existentially, practically?
  • What are practical things that accelerators, innovation hubs, coworking spaces, investors, hackathon programs, event companies, government innovation organisations, and others?

And our panellists shared from their experiences:

  • Andrew Outhwaite – Setting the stage
  • Chad Renando – A brief history of the Australian innovation ecosystem
  • Dianna Somerville – Insights from Israel and regional communities
  • Tori Kopke – Practical lessons from running virtual conferences and workshops
  • Rachael West – Crafting the narrative for yourself and others in uncertain times
  • Kali Norman – Experience on community building and event management including Spacecubed, Western Australia’s largest innovation hub
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