Each week we catch up with a leader in the Australian Innovation Community to hear their thoughts on support for Australian innovation and entrepreneurs.

This week we have a conversation with Joy Taylor from Canvas Coworking in Toowoomba to chat about the impacts and opportunities for regional coworking from COVID-19.

On supporting members through social distancing:

“What we did was straight away set up virtual coworking twice a day where people can just drop in. We learnt that the option for entrepreneurs who may not set foot in the place, the opportunity to ‘cowork’ with us was new and novel and they liked it.”

On expanding their virtual programs:

“While we had always run virtual programs, we learnt over the last two weeks how to do it better. We can now engage mentors and participants who may not have been able to previously engage in person.”

On managing personal energy as a leader:

“What I found through this that I draw energy when I get with other people in the ecosystem. I realise I draw energy from my community every single day, and I miss that.”

On the future of coworking:

“Getting together in person is important, but we will keep a physical and virtual approach going into the future.”

We also had a chat about Joy’s take on the slack for leaders in the Australian Innovation Community.

“It has been a great place to find someone or something that you need. It is heartening to know there are people facing similar situations and who are all willing to share. I have been able to make connections and which then lead to follow-on Zoom conversations after. It is a reminder that there are a lot of people in Australia doing great things. And I can then invite other people who are looking for information and connections. It adds value at so many different levels at so many different sectors.”