How do key business leaders act as connection hubs and backbones in their regions?

We explore this question in a practical conversation about how to support innovation, entrepreneurs, and economic diversification during a crisis. We explore what is happening, and what could be done with a cross-section of government, industry stakeholders, and innovation hub leaders:

“You should never talk about how the government should support me. Talk about what you what you are going to do, how you are going to change the world, and the support will follow. Keep honest to the purpose, keep connecting people, and the resources will emerge.”

The conversation after the conversation, when say what we really think… In this conversation, we hear from regional leaders about real challenges and opportunities for organisations supporting entrepreneurs and innovation in regions.

  • “Figure out what it is you are bringing value to, focus on that, and make it really simple.”
  • “People come to the table when they see what the value is for them specifically.
  • “How do we help new hubs starting up be more sustainable?”